The original desktop torrent apps for experienced users.

Please download the uTorrent Client from here:

Follow the instructions on the installer.

Steps to take if you are having trouble installing µTorrent Classic

Some users have reported issues when installing µTorrent Classic. If you try to install µTorrent Classic  and are unsuccessful, we encourage you to download and install a different build by clicking this link. This build should install more easily on your PC.

If you still encounter issues after trying to install the above build, we ask that you create a support ticket in our Help Center. Please provide details that may help us duplicate the issue, such as:

  • The issue you experienced (e.g., the install never completed, or Windows displayed a message)
  • Screenshot of the issue or the error message displayed to you

We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope this information is helpful as we constantly work to provide the best user experience possible.