Because your torrent client does not use the Windows Registry to store its settings, it has to store its configuration in files on separate files on the disk. By default, those files are located at (%AppData%\uTorrent for uTorrent), which can be easily accessed by visiting ‘Start’ > ‘Run’ (or by selecting Windows+R on the keyboard), then by typing this into the field and clicking OK. Typically, you will find several .dat files in the settings directory:

  • dht.dat: contains information regarding DHT that your torrent client uses when connecting to the DHT network.
  • resume.dat: contains information regarding currently loaded torrent jobs.
  • rss.dat: stores all RSS-related settings, and also holds the history of previously downloaded torrent jobs. This file only gets created if you use the RSS Downloader.
  • settings.dat: contains most of the settings in your torrent client, and also contains the information listed in the statistics dialog.

Note that it is normal to find .dat.old and .dat.*.bad files in the same directory. The former file type denotes good backup files for the case that the corresponding .dat file becomes corrupted. The latter file type denotes backups of corrupted files, which can be sent to the developer for analysis if necessary.