Managing large bundles

Bundles may vary greatly in size, dependent on the type of content that the bundle contains. 

Content that can contribute to large bundles may contain:  
  • Audio (Stems)
  • Lossless Audio Formats (FLAC, WAV) 
  • HD Video Content

If download time or bandwidth consumption are concerns, there are means to reduce the overall size of the bundle. Removing unwanted content may reduce the size and time needed to download the bundle. First, check to see the projected time to download, displayed in the top right pane of the client window. Remaining time on the download is listed in the ETA column.

If BitTorrent Client previously installed:

When the .torrent file is launched from the browser tray or downloads folder, the BitTorrent client will start up and display a window allowing the selection of which files are to be downloaded.  By default, all files are slated for download. Removal of content from the bundle requires the unchecking of the unwanted files.

For those installing the BitTorrent Client for the first time:

The screen with the file selector is not displayed when the bundle .torrent file is included with the client download. Once installation is complete the bundle will be added to the list of torrents.  At this point you can click on the torrent. The files contained in the torrent are displayed in the bottom right pane. Right-click (double click on Mac) the file you'd like to remove from the download and select 'Don't Download'.  You can also select multiple files (shift-click or cntrl-click), right-click one of the highlighted files and select 'Don't Download'. 

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2016 04:04PM PDT

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